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What We Do

To help our clients maintain or enhance their lifestyle well into retirement, we have designed a comprehensive process that enables us to fully understand your needs and concerns and then develop a financial plan and recommendation to help you make important decisions with confidence.

The Discovery Process – Together we identify your, goals, values, dreams and any special concerns or challenges you may have.

Investment Strategy Development – After determining your risk tolerance and carefully analyzing your current investment portfolio, we develop your asset allocation strategy and portfolio design.

Investment Strategy Meeting – We meet to review and discuss our recommended investment strategy for your specific goals.

Implementation of Investment Strategy – We will open your new accounts, transfer in any existing assets, follow up with financial institutions to ensure your investment strategy was properly implemented and structured as designed.

Follow up Meeting – We will meet to help you review and understand the content in your first statements. We will again review recommended Investment strategy and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Review of Investment Strategy – We will develop a customized communication and review schedule based on your needs to keep you informed of your accounts progress and make recommended adjustments based on economic and market conditions.